Our Tequilas

Blanco Tequila

Cesar and Joel started to create a formula for special Tequila in 2007. They toyed with a variety of innovating ideas to produce a product that would not have any chemicals in it or additives.

Mine Mia is a product that is unique in taste, and congruent with a bouquet that would separate it from all other Tequilas.

After three years Mine Mia is born out of a dream of 31 Teqqual SA de CV, a company committed to provide unique character and a sublime absorbing experience.

Mine Mia is soft Tequila which can be drunk alone or mixed.

Mine Mia is best experienced in a snifter cognac glass designed with bouquet, temperature, and volume in mind.

The graceful wobble shape of the glass increases the pleasure, deep color, and movement of our Mine Mia.